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Digital content

A visually appealing digital footprint requires a library of visual assets, photography and video. You can use stock, and you should use stock in some cases but you shouldn’t be using an entire website of stock images. It just looks like a website full of stock images. In the best case, it’s a poor representation of your brand (you do great stuff right?!) and in the worst case it makes you look like a spam site.

We shoot reportage style website and social media content that showcases your actual team members doing actual things at their actual jobs. No stock required! Best of all, what most people don’t realise is a complete package of website content can be more cost effective than buying a bunch of random, unrelated content.

Event Photography

We cover events reportage style that ensures we conveys the the professionalism and energy that you have put into putting the event together. Furthermore, we ensure that our photographers are well groomed, professional and discrete to fit in and blend in with your event style. Whether it’s black tie, or corporate we make sure we look good while making you look good.

Headshot Photography

We shoot modern, clean and crisp headshots that make your business feel 2019 rather than 1983. There are no cloudy or heinous blue backgrounds, we use crisp white, grey or black backgrounds with clean lighting, matched to your corporate brand. Depending on the size of your team and how many styles you have we different approaches to make your life easy. We can shoot all at once and update quarterly in your office or new joiners can book direct on our website when they join and come into our studios for their website and ID card photos.

Commercial Photography

Products, interiors or architecture we can shoot and produce final art for print or digital. As a digital first studio, we pay particular attention to digital format sizing ensuring that the final images look good on mobile and we understand the cropping and compression that social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram will apply to your images and prepping them in advance so you can just publish.


Let’s say you’re in the business of selling skincare products:

  • Should you be advertising on Instagram?

  • If so, what type of images work? Usage? Models? Lifestyle?

  • Should you be using influencers? Which influencers? Which markets?

The really great thing about these questions is that with today’s tools, we can test and retest these fairly inexpensively to see what works, the only real question is where to start, and that’s how we can help.

Marketing Strategy

We’re a perfect fit if you don’t yet a full marketing function. We support the entrepreneurs and marketers without a team. Some of our clients need a virtual marketing director who sets the strategy and guides a more operational marketing team; others want consulting on specific marketing tactics.

DigitaL & Social

Reaching clients and consumers today happens primarily through their phone and on one of the apps on their phone. From our base in Hong Kong, our team has been immersed in digital platforms from Google and Facebook to LINE and WeChat. We speak English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Bahasa. Our services are particularly useful for Australian / British or American businesses looking to expand to new markets here in Asia or looking to offshore work.

Influencer Marketing

For some products, influencer marketing can be an absolutely critical sales driver. However, there are pitfalls like fake fans and engagement, industry and government regulations (particularly US FTC) which you need to understand to do successfully. Handled well, you may build long term relationships with some extremely creative individuals, but handled badly you risk reputational damage.